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Top 4 Things I Wish My Son Would UNlearn from Kindergarten

Friday’s “What the frak…?” moment (WTFM) is brought to you by………. Kindergarten: They claim it’s to help your child learn to socialize, but in reality it is a secret communist/Bin Laden/far right government/far left government/religious /those who hate paying taxes … Continue reading

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True Cause of Hiccups, How to Eat Nasty Medicine, & Knock Knock Jokes

We pulled out of the driveway to get dinner – the fire danger so great we didn’t dare grill for Labor Day. I asked The Tackler, “Where do you want to eat for dinner?” “Mommy, if you go in my … Continue reading

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Act 1, Scene 1.7: The Comedic Play of a 19 Month Old – Mommy and Me

My Lil Diva is 19 months old today. I lack photos, which shall hopefully be remedied by borrowing Bobbi’s camera. Soon. Instead, read the comedic play below to get a glimpse into Lil Diva’s mind, vocabulary, and temperament at 19 … Continue reading

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