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Top 10 “Benefits” to Having a Sick Toddler

Top 10 “Benefits” to Having a Sick Toddler* 10.   If you’re a working parent, you get the “day off” (insert maniacal laughter here). 9.    Guilt-free TV and movie watching for the entire quarantine phase. 8.    Nothing says “morning cocktail” like … Continue reading

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Friday’s “What the frack?” moment: The Perfect Trio of Triggers to Trip the Telepathic Powers of Progeny

Friday’s “What the frack…?” moment (WTFM) is brought to you by……….. The Telepathic Power of Progeny: Because somehow they know when you are not sleeping and have an important meeting the next day. I have no idea how they do … Continue reading

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A Baby No More – Where Did the *@^&ing Time Go?

It just isn’t possible.  I simply cannot believe this day has happened already. Somehow, the universe has folded itself in half like a scene from Inception (a movie I actually got to see in the theater). This is absolutely, totally, … Continue reading

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