About This Blog

Welcome to my dances with chaos: the good, the bad, the frustrating, the joyful, and the stinky.

Dances with Chaos is first and foremost, a “mommy blog.” I’m a stay at home mother of two children – they are 99% of my life.

If you have a product you would like me to review or are interested in guest posting, please see my “about me” page.

Here is an idea of what to expect from this blog.

My Blogging Schedule

*Note (updated Nov 2011): Until September 2011 further notice I am “relaxing” a bit on the schedule to hopefully get some book writing done re-organize my entire house.

Monday: A post with no set theme – it could be anything from a rant, a sweet moment, or how it’s Monday and I’m about to hit the wall already. Or everything in between.

Tuesday: “Tacklerism Tuesday” – I share funny and/or frustrating things my children have said or done lately.

Wednesday: Not set in stone, but my goal is to do either a Top (Insert Number Here, Most Likely 10) List, a “Wordless” post involving photos, or a “When I Was Young” post.

Thursday: A post with no set theme whatsoever. Kinda like Monday’s.

Friday: “What the frak…” moment(s). – A look back at a moment in time during the week where you just had to ask the universe… “What the frak…?!?!” – Dubbed such in honor of one of my favorite sci-fi shows: Battlestar Galactica (the newer version).

This post might also occur on a Saturday, if Friday was particularly frakkish to me…

Saturday: Typically I’m busy doing laundry I ignored all week. And swimming lessons (for the Tackler, not me). And (as of end of October 2011) channeling Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman and doing marathon cooking sessions for the following week. And family time. But if something blog worthy happens, I’ll post.

Sunday: See Saturday, minus the swimming lessons.

In this blog post, I discovered a way to lower my stay-at-home-mother stress levels. I developed a new mantra: Don’t Get Mad/Pissed/Angry About It – Take a Photo and Blog About It.

I use this a lot in my posts, so during a bad week, you might think I hated being a mother or feel that I only focus on the negative side of parenting.

Please understand, I love my children, dearly. But they are expert Button Pushers and I live far away from Family Relief. So I blog. I write out my frustrations because writing is a release for me, and then I move on to enjoy my children.

Plus it might be excellent blackmail some day. 🙂

Disclaimer: While I try to follow this schedule, I am a parent of two young children.  This means all guidelines can be blatantly ignored during a week where my children are sick, teething, have ear infections, or if I just feel the need to do something else.

The “Other” blogs:

  • As of February 2011, I have started a “sister” blog: Writing with Chaos. While it may cover “mommy blog” topics, posts there have to do with the act of “writing” versus “blogging.” Anything can happen there in my posts: cursing, sex, violence… It is also where I will post about things that just don’t fit here. Currently I am attempting The Red Dress Club  writing prompts, which I post (usually very late) on Monday and Thursday for their Tuesday and Friday link ups.
  • In June 2011, I launched a 3rd blog: I Survived the Mean Girls. It will have writing by me, but my hope is much more writing (guest posts) by others. The goal is to form a supportive community, sharing our tales of mean girls and how they changed us. The hope is we heal a bit, or help someone going through it by seeing they are not alone. The underlying message: life gets better, so hang in there.

3 Responses to About This Blog

  1. adnibay says:

    you have adorable kids. veryyyyyy adorable.

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