Boys Have Crotches. Girls Have a… Pango?

My five-year-old loves to make up words.

He isn’t technically “reading” yet, so he strings random letters together when naming his inventions. Such classics include a GPO or GPIO (depending on if he forgets the “i”): which is a Zoobcreation that is part car, part rocket, part boat, and is fully loaded with radars and missiles.

The Zoob car... fully outfitted.

Sort of like Transformers meets James Bond.

Yes, it is like having his own Transformer, heavily inspired by Cars 2.

His inventions aren’t the only thing subject to creative naming.

Tuesday a child at his preschool brought some toys. I did not see these toys, but asked The Tackler to draw an image of them:

The lower one is drawn “life-size”, with a penny for comparison.

Lacking a real name for these items, my son helped name them: Tootie-doodies.

(He just told me in Spanish they are (phonetically spelled) called “Fol-nos-eh-cease”, and in Russian they are called “Mol-stas-sti”. After googling and finally hearing the keyword “robot” I learned they are called robot Q.)

The tiny robots are the "tootie doodies".

Ok… they do look really cool.

They were the classroom hit of the day.

Whatever they are.

Things don’t have to lack a real name to be christened something new, however.

While we were back in Iowa visiting family, we all sat around the kitchen table, when this random conversation came about:

The Tackler: “Boys have crotches. Girls have pangos.”

Me: “What is a pango?” (I was confused, given our use of grammatically correct names for body parts.)

The Tackler: “Huh?”

Me: “Who told you it was called a pango?”

TT: “My penguin, that I snuggle with. I call him Pango. And boys have crotches, but girls have pangos.”

The Husband: “At least he likes to snuggle with them.”

* * *

We have to be careful about the movies and television our children watch. My son in particular, loves to mimic and considers most of what he sees undeniable fact.

After a recent viewing of Monsters, Inc., my son informed my husband, “You can’t go ice skating in the Himilayas.”

My husband, used to random statements, simply blinked and asked, “Why?”

The Tackler replied, “It’s too steep.”

At least the movies have that right.

We’ve had interesting conversations about Big Bentley versus Big Ben, again thanks to Cars 2.

* * *

I have been told Lil’ Diva is very talkative for her age. Repeatedly. For the last nine months.

Her phrases and sentences are often so random, I completely forget her exact wording before I can write it down.

One day, probably two months ago (thanks to my sporadic posts these last few months), she was playing with her psychedelic colored stuffed monkey while testing the effects of gravity:

Lil Diva sat on the couch, snuggling her monkey. Suddenly, she flung it to the floor.

“Monkey! You fell! Wait for me! Wait for me!Lil' Diva has no problems scolding.

She jumped from the couch, rescuing him from the tile.

“Monkey you so proud. I got you. Do not run away from me,” she scolded him.

The monkey found himself on the floor again.

“Monkeeeey! No! You run away from me!”

I popped my ears trying to muffle my laughter.

* * *

What have your children done to amuse you lately?

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22 Responses to Boys Have Crotches. Girls Have a… Pango?

  1. kristina says:

    Everybody needs someone or something to snuggle. *giggle* 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for Bill to get home from work so I can tell him about my Pango.
    This is something he should know about after 18 years together, right?

  3. Mango pango?

    I can’t believe how long LD’s hair is!

  4. Bobbi says:

    Like I said, I’m just proud that he understood he needed to end in an “ee” sound to make a Russian plural. That’s my boy.

    As for the penguin… I guess he’s moved on since I told him that we couldn’t get married.

  5. momfog says:

    My 2yo calls “tissues,” tennis shoes. “I need a tennis shoe, mommy.” When I say, “You need a tennis shoe for your nose?” She says, “No, mommy, not a tennis shoe. A tennis shoe.” She can hear the difference but doesn’t know how to say it, I guess. I love it.

  6. Boys have crotches, girls pangos. Hilarious.

  7. Nicole says:

    bahaha…. Your husband’s come back line is priceless!

  8. I love the stuff kids come up with. Awesome.

  9. I love everything about this post. You should have him play my Made It Up Mondays. You know, where i take one of my made up words and ask others to figure out what it means. Is there a rule about kids winning prizes? 😉

    I love how he loves a good Pango. 😉

  10. John says:

    I ❤ your children.

    Right now, we're going through a phase where scary moments of movies seem to affect CJ. Fortunately, he's drawing the line between "movie" and "real." Even if he's not really talking.

    I love that he had foreign words for these random toys that came into his life. That he can come up with Spanish-y & Russian-y sounding names is downright impressive.

    Leila isn't really talking, but she will take a phone and talk to whoever is on the other end for minutes on end, blabbering about her day, in a language that I think she, herself, only partially understands.

    • Lil Diva used to do exactly what Leila does–I just lacked the translator to understand. Now that I can, I want to follow her around with a tape recorder.

      I was also surprised his made-up Spanish and Russian words sounded “right”. Both are languages he hears often. Later he tried to make-up a French word, and it sounded nothing like French–but he never hears that language.

      It’s why I really want to try to teach my children another language (likely Spanish because we live in Texas) while they are young–they are such sponges.

      The Tackler is still like CJ–the scary parts really get to him in movies, especially if it’s the first time or if they are in a foreign, loud place (movie theater). He started being that way at 14 months old, when suddenly the birds trying to eat Mumble in Happy Feet made him cry until I skipped it–a movie he’d seen countless times before.

      The garbage pit in Toy Story 3 was also and issue at first. He doesn’t like the grasshoppers in Bug’s Life. And the beanstalk and goose in Puss ‘n Boots used to get him. The sharks in Finding Nemo (seen enough now it isn’t a problem)

      Oddly enough, the movie Monsters, Inc, about monsters, never bothered him.

      And Lil Diva appears to still not be scared about anything in movies. Or life. Except dogs closer than five feet.

  11. Annie says:

    Pango. Love it 🙂

  12. Definitely better than some terms I’ve heard for it. 😉

    I love the made up words. Connor comes up with some awesome ones.

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