Why Giant Tesla Coils Are Better than Fireworks: An ID4 By-the-Numbers Breakdown: Part 2

4th of July Weekend, By the Numbers: Part 2

(continued from yesterday’s post)

2 – Family visits to the gym pool – on Monday and Tuesday.

42+ – Times The Tackler and I nailed Bobbi with buckets of water while in the pool.

50+ – Jumps Lil Diva made into the pool as she gripped my hands (over both days).

0 – Naps taken by the Tackler on the 4th of July.

1 – Game of Trouble led to a massive forty minute meltdown because he lost (no, he doesn’t have my competitive streak at all…).

90 – Minutes before the kids were normally IN bed and we finally left for the carnival.

3 – Number of bouncy houses The Tackler jumped in – Lil Diva could only do the single baby one.

Luckily, he only wanted to watch, not run in them.

4 – Very flushed red cheeks on The Tackler (and Lil Diva) after 15 minutes of jumping – in 100 degree heat.

40 – Minutes Bobbi and I “lost” CG and Lil Diva as she abandoned the bounce houses.

4– Giant plastic hamster-like balls for adults greatly amused The Tackler.

1– Firetruck entertained him for twenty minutes as he climbed up and down. Much longer and I’m certain he’d have discovered how to turn on the radios…

He loved carte blanche to explore the truck. Not the wisest idea, in my opinion..

47– Minutes spent on awesome playground as I sent covetous looks at the mini-water park next to it.

Almost the whole family, if I wasn't borrowing Bobbi's camera.

20– Minutes Lil Diva spent just on the swings.

Oh the giggling happiness of attaining previously unreached heights (with CG's help).

5– Times I wanted to pull my son to safety as he embraced his inner monkey – on an appropriate apparatus for a change (which I have to admit, was awesome).

I only wished foam surrounded this because one fall would've hurt really bad.

My inner helicopter mommy was terrfied when my son reached the top.

Because look at the size of that thing! That is a long way to fall, with painful ropes on the way down.

7– Dollars spent riding a tiny train: $2 for Lil Diva and a $5 wrist band for unlimited rides for The Tackler – who only rode twice at first. He loved ringing the bell up front.

CG was a bit a cramped, but the kids loved this.

The Tackler plugs his ears for the whistle while Lil Diva kicks back with CG two cars back.

4 – Dollars spent on ice cold beverages at inflated prices.

1 – Bouncy castle turned off while The Tackler was still in it (a toddler one, so he wasn’t in any danger) – he was a bit hard of hearing “Time to get out!”

45– Minutes spent with just The Tackler as we returned to the train while Lil Diva hung out with Bobbi and CG who staked a spot for the concert.

It was bedtime, but I'm told Lil Diva was showcasing all of her talents and crazy happy.

5 – Times he rode in a row, getting full use out of the wrist band.

1 – Buddy made who rode next to him in the train for three of the times.

1 – Glow stick purchased for him because he’d done an excellent job of staying close and holding hands when directed (minus the bouncy house issue). Plus, it was pitch black – a sight he hadn’t seen for months thanks to summer light.

1 – End of a Jedi/Sith battle witnessed on a basketball court as Duel of the Fates blared on the speakers.

8 – Bodies strewn on the ground when it finished: Anakin won.

6– Types of fruits and vegetables packed in our cooler: only tiny bites left by the end.

The fruit (pineapple, grapes, blueberries, watermelon, and strawberries) was a perfect snack, along with the carrots. I just had to fight the Tackler for the strawberries because they were amazing.

1 – Minute left before Arc Attack started as The Tackler and I located CG, Bobbi, and Lil Diva – who had spent this time charming her onlookers and talking on the phone (I’m awaiting details as I was not there). It was 9:30 PM, ninety minutes past bedtime.

2 – Giant Tesla Coils were onstage and played by the band.500,000 – Volts supposedly arcing through them.

2– Very thrilled children loved the show – a welcome reprieve as The Tackler hates loud fireworks.

It's hard to see who is loving it more, CG or the kids (The Tackler loved his first glow stick too).

20 – Minutes I vanished to stand behind the stage and grab video on my iPod of the show. Here is a clip of one song:

2 – Number of guys who wore a suit onstage and had the “lightning” hit them.

2 – Children who DID NOT fall asleep during the show. Lil Diva loved applauding.

1 – Very big “What the frak” moment… Almost.

1 – Exhausted Tackler could barely walk to the car.

1 – Child passed out on the way home (Lil Diva). Luckily, we changed them into their PJs before we left.

1 – Shocked mommy who couldn’t believe she actually got to see Arc Attack because her children behaved and didn’t meltdown once the entire four hours we were at the carnival.

364– Days before I’m likely to break routine and let them stay up 3.5 hours past their bedtimes…

It was hot, dry, and dusty - but still a great time.

Our July 4th family photo: you can just see The Tackler ahead in the red shirt, positioned by my neck...

0 – Mosquito bites even without bug spray! Either they treated for them heavily in Cedar Park (they’re ravenous at my house), or they got the memo about the largest bug zapper as the main attraction.

1 – First year blogoversary post I had to write while half dead from a very full day.

0 – Number of times I heard a single crack or pop of a firework.

I admit it – I loved the burn ban this year for the 4th. No fireworks waking up my children, the ability to see an awesome show without The Tackler freaking out..



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18 Responses to Why Giant Tesla Coils Are Better than Fireworks: An ID4 By-the-Numbers Breakdown: Part 2

  1. That rope climbing thing looks terrific. Bet Tackler loved that. Did you guys try out those adult hamster balls? What an awesome day.

    • Yes, we will have to visit that park again when it’s a bit cooler out because it had a fabulous playground.

      Slim would’ve loved Arc Attack. They think of their (geek) theme song as The Imperial March, so they played that too. 🙂

  2. Lance says:

    shouldn’t they have played Tesla in honor of the Tesla coils?

    I’m going to go listen to Mechanical Resonance right now

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  4. jeleystorey says:

    Looks like a great day was had by all! So happy for you! It is always nice when things go well and everybody has a good time! Yay for you!

  5. Annie says:

    Love the picture of the days crammed in the tiny train. Priceless. Those Tesla Coils are freaky awesome!

  6. Kim says:

    Sounds like you guys had an AWESOME time!!!

  7. bruna myers says:

    I love little Diva’s sweet, chubby cheeks. Makes you want to just kiss them to death! You guys had an awesome time over the holiday!

  8. OMG I’m tired just reading that. LOL Y’all had a FULL day and night. What a great memory for all of you.
    Let’s Bee Friends Hop

  9. Lisa S. says:

    By the numbers:
    4 People who had an amazing time.
    Great post.

  10. Stasha says:

    Love the Fire engine photo! What an awesome 4th you had!!

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  12. Such an amazing day for you guys! So glad the kids had fun and behaved 🙂 Love the by numbers format, so fun.

  13. Wow, that looks like a REALLY busy day!!! I bet you had super tired children by the end of it all…
    Arc attack looks REALLY cool…

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