Countdown to Two Years Old – T Minus Three Months

The Lil Diva hit the 21 month mark this week.

Lil Diva is daring with a construction hat and block bucket for accessories - her opinion of the mommy paparazzi evident by her finger placement..

A bomb set to explode, I hear the tick-tock countdown to 2 years old.

Three months.

My baby girl will be TWO in only three months.

I feel the urge to scream “what the frak!” a day early.

It simple isn’t possible.

In fact, with the weather we’ve been having, I’m partially convinced it’s 2009 again and I’m suffering through my third trimester during the hottest Texas summer on record.

So my baby girl cannot be only three months away from the ripe old age of two.

Math does not compute.

We're all going stir crazy with the constant 100 degree weather.

Then I look at her.

She’s a bundle of curiosity, strength, rebellion, mischief, love, intellect, giggles, and feminine wiles wrapped up in body so cute, even strangers don’t mind the lake of drool left in her wake as she waves and bestows smiles on them.

And this is at 21 months.

Here are a few amusing facts about Lil Diva you might not know:

  • She will eat peas, but only from taken from her brother’s canned Campbell’s minestrone soup or when contained in Panda Express’s fried rice.
  • She is obsessed with puppies. Every other word out of her mouth is practically “puppy”.
  • She has to locate the puppy on every page of every book.
  • She is terrified of any puppy/dog within petting distance.
  • She will attempt anything she sees her brother doing. Especially if it is dangerous.
  • She will scold her brother during a meltdown. I can’t understand a word, but her tone is unmistakable.
  • She has no concept of giving bathroom privacy.
  • She loves accessorizing: hats, shoes, bunny ears, and bags are constantly vanishing as she borrows them…
  • She recently began crying whenever any person leaves her. It can be me when I drop her off at the gym, CG when he leaves for work, or The Tackler when he goes to “school”.  I’m told she gets over it quickly, so it’s yet another sign of her dramatic flair.
  • She can wrap any adult around her finger with a smile. It’s scary.

    This choice of accessories spun me forward 4 years to her starting school...

  • She only knows the name of two dolls: Buzz and Woody.
  • She will often battle her brother for the right to play with one of them.
  • Her favorite movies are Tangled and Toy Story 2.
  • If she sees me on my iPod she will often yell, “MIMI!” and demand we Facetime.
  • She loves the water, whether pools, sprinkler parks, or the shower.
  • She does not care if water streams in her face.

    The only way to get outside time in this heat.

  • I should have named her “Houdini”.
  • What she loves to eat Thursday can easily become Friday’s tile fodder.

    Another example of common Diva accessories.

  • She’s probably working on cutting her two year molars, given the low grade fever, constant gnawing of fingers, and path of drool. I’m tempted to put her in the yard just so she can water my grass…
  • She created her own style of dance, heavily based on many of The Tackler’s steps.
  • She gives the best “welcome home/back” greeting: running full tilt, slamming into you as she says, “Up! Up!” while chanting your name with glee.

Happy 21 months, my Lil Diva.

What amusing milestones are your children at?


About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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16 Responses to Countdown to Two Years Old – T Minus Three Months

  1. mairedubhtx says:

    A beautiful tribute to Lil’ Diva. She’s quite the lady!

  2. Annie says:

    Loved getting to know the 21 month old diva better. Time flies, doesn’t it?
    This heat is awful. Hang in there.

    • Are you over 100 every day too?? With no rain?

      We’re dying. What hurts is I’m a bit intimidated about hauling two dare devil escape artists to various bodies of water (sprinkler or pool) because I can’t watch them both every second.

      If they were sedate and calm and didn’t think running away from was hilarious…

  3. Aw! I love that water photo!
    Li’l D’s first word was “ba,” or his word for “dog.” Since then, he’s remained fascinated with dogs, but is totally captivated by horsies. “Horse” was his third word, and he’s used it hundreds of times since. Does it matter that we live in Los Angeles, with nary a horse in site? Heck, no. Something about horses captivated him, and that’s a fact that remains unchanged as he, too, approaches his two-year birthday. He’s just a couple of weeks behind Lil Diva . . .

    • My son enjoys horses but when he’s seen them in person and how huge they are, he’s cowered in fear and won’t even touch them.

      I wonder if Lil D would be the same.

      As long as it doesn’t bark, Lil Diva might like it. I don’t know. I haven’t taken her to a zoo in a year – when she had no fear of animals, including dogs.

      I love the water shot too.

      • I wondered about that, too, but got my answer when we visited Colorado a few weeks back:

        Li’l D wanted to see–and feed!–the horsies first thing each morning.

        I love My Little Pony, but I’m not much of a horse person myself. Neither is my partner. This leaves me reflecting on how neat it is to see these little people develop into themselves–in ways like and unlike their parents.

  4. Around this age has been the most fascinating to me with our kids too–they seem to understand almost everything, but in a way that makes them funny as heck most of the time, and tough on adult patience the rest of the time. Our daughter, at 19 months, has developed that “seperation anxiety” that you talked about, but it’s not short lived with her, and she SCREAMS. But that’s the only downside. She’s fascinated by babies, “reading” only those books that have pictures of them and “talking” soothingly to the babies in the books–or in real life. You can’t understand her, but it’s clear that she is being sweet. Her first word was “bread” for some unknown reason, and she asks for it about 10,693 times a day. If we would let her, she would change her clothes about every hour.

    I wish they could stay this way forever.

    • Yes, the Lil Diva SCREAMS too. She has quite the set of lungs. I’m told she calms down eventually. Once I’m gone.

      She also love babies, but even they are trumped by puppies.

      My daughter would prefer to run around naked, skipping the clothes.

      But not the shoes and accessories. Those she loves, as long as they aren’t anything taming her wild hair…

      I wish I could freeze this time too. But each phase gets better.

      Maybe a rewind button to revisit when we get nostalgic?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Nice to meet you!

  5. Oh, so sweet. I’m particularly fond of the puppy discrepancy: she loves them in theory; just not reality. Perfect.

    I have a picture of my Karly that looks so much like the one of Lil’ Diva at the window.

    Except Karly is standing at the open door of a refrigerator.



    • I love the idea of Karly doing that in the fridge.

      My daughter also does that, but I’m usually trying to close it instead of grabbing the camera.

      I have so many shots of her looking out of windows: she’s a big outside girl.

      She didn’t always fear dogs. Sometime before a year she was around loud barking ones and the fear was born.

      Here is a shot from May 2010 when we visited my family in Iowa.
      Lil Diva tackling the Reba puppy (my sister's dog).

      She LOVED Reba puppy, even when the dog licked the spit up off her face. (ewwwww.) By Christmas when we visited again, Reba puppy was scary and terrifying.

  6. kir says:

    Oh she is sooooo gorgeous, that smile is infectious!

    I know that I can’t believe the boys are well into just doesn’t seem possible.

    We are knee deep in potty training and the terrible 3s. Lots of opinions, lots of demands, lots of drama!!!! When I’m not going crazy I am loving every minute of it!

    • I remember potty training in the terrible 3’s (which were far worse than the two’s), but at least I only had one.

      I’m with you on the crazy versus loving it…

      Her smile is completely contagious.

      And right now, she’s fighting bedtime, which until this last week, simply was not done.

      Damn teething.

  7. Kid Id says:

    Sounds like our own 21-month old. And we call ours A-Lo because of her first initial and that she’s a diva as well. Does yours also:
    1. insist on saying hi to everyone passing by even from the inside of the car?
    2. insist on saying bye to each individual person at the end of the day?
    3. boss everyone around, especially her brother?
    4. have a billion times more energy than her older brother?
    5. like sticking her stuffed doggie’s tail in her ear while she sucks her thumb?

    Or is that just my crazy little diva?

    • Wow. They’re are like twins separated at birth.
      1. Yes.
      2. Complete with hugs and slobbery kisses.
      3. She tries, but he doesn’t listen to her any more than he does me. It’s also mostly gibberish.
      4. This one isn’t true. She is FULL of energy, but her 4 year old brother is even more so. I would say there are about equal.
      5.Typical posture is index finger in mouth (versus thumb), a purse/bucket/bag draped over the other arm and random block/little people/dog/other object clutched into fist.

      So yeah. very similar.

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