Parental Magic Trick #1 – How to Deal With a Sick Child

Late Sunday night I finally jumped: I bought tickets to visit my family in Iowa.

Just me. And my son. And my daughter.

No husband.

I’m slightly terrified.

Monday dawned like any other: chaotic.

We shuffled off to the gym – I was fifteen minutes late for my class.

Forty-five minutes of Zumba and a hot shower later, I picked up my kids from the child care.

“Your daughter’s been coughing a bit. Once it was more bark-like – like a croup cough.”

A string of unbloggable curse words raced through my mind at this news. “She was fine this morning.”

Always on the go - enjoying the last of the beautiful weather.

As the day wore one, her temperature rose along with the crankiness and the return of The Cough.

A harsh, deep, barking cough.

The type of cough capable of forcing all who hear it to cringe as we remember the raw pain such a cough gouged in our throats.

That Cough.

My poor Lil Diva.

I turned to magic.

Parental Magic Trick #1

With a wave of my enchanted technology and a press of the “Play” button it appeared.

The Movie Treat.

This is the miraculous motion picture capable of enthralling your otherwise pissed off, cranky, over tired, feverish, and certain-to-go-into-a-hacking fit if you let them run around child(ren).

For us, The Movie is currently our newest: Tangled.

The Movie Treat.

Lil Diva loves it. The Tackler is a fan after the initial viewing – the first scared him as we experienced the “I don’t like suspense and not knowing what is going to happen” syndrome.

Now, he knows it and loves it – except for anything where Rapunzel’s hair turns brown (both at the beginning and the end).

Lil Diva has also joined the zombie ranks and will sit through almost the entire movie, compared to her previous fifteen minute window of stupification.

From a few months ago: Lil Diva demonstrates her "I'm watching a movie" look of absorbtion - used here to apply same amount of attention to squirrel, bird, or dog watching.

Yes, I’m happy about this. I don’t let them watch movies often, but in times of illness, it is HELL to entertain a 19 month old who cannot do the things she loves without hacking. Texas decided to have a heat wave with record temperatures so even a solitary walk to the park is out of the question.

So Monday? Tangled in the afternoon.

Tuesday? After an hour of comforting her every ten minutes from coughing until she refused to try to nap again? Tangled.

Two hours into bedtime on Tuesday, and one coughing attack so far*. Who knows how many more requiring assistance left?

Did I mention I’m running on only five hours of sleep, partially thanks to her coughs performing as a 6 AM alarm clock on Tuesday?

Yeah, I need to get this tired Mommy booty to bed.

I’m supposed to get my hair cut on Friday, but this could royally mess with the appointment and the friend I have lined up to watch the kiddos.

On the positive side, with Lil Diva sick (and likely to infect her brother, depending on what it is), hopefully we can be healed by our trip to Iowa.

Because whatever she has will make us immune to all other forms of sickness.


*Coughing Attack #2 occurred as proofreading this post.

**Coughing Attack #3 also occurred, causing me to rethink my plans. I’ll stay up another hour on Diva Duty so CG can get some uninterrupted sleep. Then I’m toast.


About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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12 Responses to Parental Magic Trick #1 – How to Deal With a Sick Child

  1. Jessica says:

    I tend to cave and let my kids watch more TV than normal when they are not feeling well. My daughter has figured this out and now she pretends to be sick so she can watch TV.

  2. Kir says:

    I’m so sorry that Lil Diva is sick. I really hate when my kiddos don’t feel good.
    Because they are at school/daycare for most of their day I do let them watch TV/Movies at home quite a bit. They loved, loved, TANGLED..and How to Train Your Dragon is a recent favorite. Both are good for adults who are sleep deprived too.

    Sending her get well vibes.

  3. Get better soon Little Diva. Wishing healthy thoughts to to whole family.

  4. Time to break out the humidifier that strips wallpaper right off the walls. My 3rd had croup – often – and it was no fun at all. But moist air really does help and I ran that thing day and night whenever he had a bout of it. And it’s usually not transferred, unless others in the house are susceptible to that seal-like cough. Here’s hoping she recovers well and quickly!! And thank God she will watch something as amazing as Tangled – even though it feels like a parenting cop-out, it’s really a gift when they can be quiet for a long spell while sick. So sorry she’s feeling rotten – and that your booty is fried in the process.

  5. John says:

    My two seem to be passing a cough between the two of them – as soon as one starts getting better, the other one starts it. Right now, it’s the boy, but over the weekend, it was the girl. It’s so horrible when they can’t tell you what’s wrong . . . guess it’s time to start trying to find the “new things” that will distract them enough…

  6. Rob Shepherd says:

    Does this work with 1 month old twins? If not what age does this start to work?

    • This began working around 14 months for my son – in small doses.

      The nice thing you can do with little ones is wear them – albeit all the time. Both of my children practically lived in the baby Bjorn (I highly recommend the one with back support). Whenever they did the whole “uncontrollable screaming even though tired and should sleep” performance, we’d put our kids in it, go outside, walk about a block, and they’d be passed out. Then you get very good and taking them out and laying them down. Or just leaving them there.

      Saved me. Seriously.

      Hopefully they’ll avoid illnesses for a while. Lifesaver for teething…

  7. Aww, hope she feels better! Get a cold air humidifier going. We cave on the movies too when they are sick. Hope she gets better quickly and nobody else gets it.

  8. tangled = resting. i’m all for it. poor thing, and by that I mean you! hang in there.

  9. Annie says:

    My DD used to get a croup cough every time she had any sort of virus as a tot so I feel your pain! Many sleepless nights for us and several stays in the hospital croup tent. Those barky coughs are so maddening!
    Hang in there and I’ll be praying you make your trip!

  10. When I’m sick, all I do is watch movies and read. I alternate. Watch a movie, read a couple chapters, watch a movie, read a couple more chapters.

    Hope she feels better soon!

  11. educlaytion says:

    You know I love me some Tangled 🙂 That’d make me feel better. I hope she gets better soon!

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