Top 10 Things Still on My To Do List After the Weekend

Perhaps if I write and blog my To Do List, I will summon every effort to cross all items off….

Top 10 Things Still on My To Do List After the Weekend

  1. Taxes – They’re due the 15th, and the computer with my data on it died. I don’t think the IRS will accept “technical difficulties” as an excuse.
  2. Pester CG to schedule my son’s 4 year well check – I’ve told my husband to schedule it because it is his turn. I sat through every well check for both of my children until this point. I distracted them when they tried to run amok, I held them down when they needed to be still, and comforted them during vaccinations. You celebrate your 4th birthday at the doctor with (I believe) four shots. It is CG’s turn. I’m on strike.
  3. Laundry – No matter how much I do, the end never arrives.
  4. Car registration – I’ve had the envelope ready for weeks, then forgot to mail it. Now April is here and my tags are expired. Every police car skyrockets the anxiety about being pulled over. This means I must take my children TO the office. Dammit.
  5. Bake Brownies – Because I’m craving them. Again.
  6. Schedule a hair cut – I need one. Bad.
  7. Buy a new camera or finally get CG to order an internal battery for it – I cannot live without my SLR camera any longer. After weeks of suspecting the internal battery as the cause, it still has not been ordered online. Why? Because to ship a lithium battery, you pay ten times the cost of the tiny thing – the US Mail will not ship them. Who knew the tiny camera batteries were so dangerous?
  8. Teach Lil Diva the difference between “hug” and “headlock” – The survival of my sanity depends on avoiding another round of child care expulsions. (see #5)
  9. Ask for volunteers – I need babies close to her size or smaller to succeed in #8. Any takers? She was still under 24 pounds at her 18 month well check.
  10. Write – After taking the weekend “off”, my brain has atrophied, the stories and tales trapped behind the dam in my mind. Only writing again will open the floodgates and ideas. Also, a little help from Ironic Mom.

At least #7 is resolved. Assuming the battery IS the cause…

What did you intend to accomplish this weekend that is still on your To Do List?


About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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18 Responses to Top 10 Things Still on My To Do List After the Weekend

  1. I can completely relate! I have sick kids and once I realized I probably wouldn’t be at work today, I gave up completely on my weekend to-do list. To include taxes — it’s my turn this year to do them. Yuck.

    Good luck to both of us. If we lived closer, I’d offer my 2-year old for #8, sounds like she and Lil Diva would hit it off.


  2. Sara says:

    thank you for typing up my to do list for today. I was wondering where mine went.
    The only thing I got done this weekend for me (and all the regular CEO of house stuff) was turn the soil in my vegetable boxes. As a result of accomplishing that though my allergies kicked into high gear. Ahhh lovely.

  3. Kir says:

    I got NOTHING done , well I dusted and cleaned the bathrooms, but I still have laundry to fold and things to write. Oh and we watched TANGLED, like 5 times and took naps. However, I feel like crap because I got NADA done….I just turned off, and I should feel good about that, but um, I don’t. 😦

  4. educlaytion says:

    That’s a healthy list, but you’re off to a good start by writing down the things you want to knock out. One at a time and go!

  5. Jessica says:

    I paid someone to do my taxes so I didn’t have to worry about them this year. Laundry is really a never ending job. I usually do 8 to 10 loads a weekend.

    • I never understood people who complained about laundry.

      I never minded it with for myself. Adding CG to the mix was fine.

      Even the Tackler, only slightly more work.

      The Lil Diva turned laundry into a chore – beginning with her reflux and constant spit up issues that stained every article of clothing – forcing me to sort, resort, spot clean, or throw everything out.

      I still haven’t recovered. And she lapses occasionally. But only when she eats something very stain worthy, like blueberries.

  6. Leigh Ann says:

    You never know, the IRS may very well give you an extension due to the fact your computer died. The worst they can say is no, right?

    As for your registration, I don’t think you HAVE to take them to the office, but I know that there is now an additional fee if you have let it expire. I could be wrong, but I’ve never taken mine to the office and I let mine get 4+ months expired after Z was born.

    Let’s get together! Z is not even 20 pounds at 13 months, and I know the big girls would love playing with Lil Diva and the Tackler.

    • I am up for getting together. My daughter can take yours out.

      She’s done it to her brother. She loves “big girl” attention.

      I went online and found out I can have a 5 business day no penalty grace period. The registration shall be done tomorrow, unless something implodes.

  7. Erica M says:

    My list is more like a Top 100, but I hate to brag.

  8. Ironic Mom says:

    Taxes. Yes. Why I can’t look at the kitchen counter right now. DH: “Why are you going out to write when the kids are back at school?”

    Me: “Because if I stay home, the tax stuff glares at me.”

    It does. And happy to be of help, my friend. Good luck with setting ’em up and knockin’ ’em down.

    You’ll do it.

    • Yes, I’ve found it’s better to do them a tad bit early, in case I have any questions. I made a mistake last year, and a got a letter in the mail:

      They were giving me MORE money.

      And that’s just what they were honest about.

      I didn’t know Canadian taxes fell into the same time period.

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