How to Use Skis to Run Someone Over – Who Needs Brakes?

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The stabbing pain in my sinuses – whether from allergies or cold, the ability to string words together and form a coherent, amusing sentences is simply beyond me.

It makes this the perfect day to share a quick clip of our ski vacation.

The backstory: In order to avoid a repeat of the previous day and acquiring zero footage of The Tackler skiing during his first ski trip, I called early in the day to find out exactly when and where he would be.

The place: A tiny, out of the way green trail away from all lifts, out of view of other trails.

The time: I was told their arrival was imminent. In reality, nearly an hour passed between imminent and The Tackler’s group arrival to The Spot.  An hour I spent standing/sitting and bored out of my skull for fear of repeating the day before.  There was no warm, comfortable way to sit or stand in ski boots on a mountainside, but I was not going to miss the chance. Again.

Don't be fooled, he only looks like a professional...

The group: There were four kids with the instructor, a different person from his previous two days.  One little girl was in cling wrap mode, challenging the instructor to get anything accomplished. The Tackler was also placed in a group above his skill level.  Pairing these two things together resulted in a rather bored and cold Tackler.

The result: I have one decent clip of The Tackler skiing after ninety minutes of waiting and watching.

But at least I have one*. Here the Tackler demonstrates why he was on the flattest trail possible – his lack of braking ability. This is an excellent way to use skis to run someone over – if you’re more than three feet tall.*No Tacklers or Moms were harmed in the making of this video.


About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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2 Responses to How to Use Skis to Run Someone Over – Who Needs Brakes?

  1. educlaytion says:

    You are either brave or crazy. Skiing and me have never really gotten acquainted. I guess I get enough cold and snow in Pittsburgh that I don’t want to think about it when it’s time for vaca.

  2. With my most sincere apologies, I’ve awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog. Congrats! (And please forgive me.)


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