Those Days – A reminder of why you wanted to reproduce.

Do you know Those Days?

Not to be confused with One of Those Days.  They aren’t a Perfect Day, or even one of the Better Days, but because it followed Multiple Days with Sick Cranky Children Who Then Developed Ear Infections, it seemed about 5302 times easier than it normally would have.

Yeah. Today was one of Those Days.

The morning was rough. But then…

Lil Diva napped an entire hour (after three to four days of only 30 minute or less naps), then – thanks to The Tackler also napping – I was able to snuggle her in my lap and get her to sleep another hour.

She woke up a completely different child.  Happy.  Smiley. Still snotty though. Literally.

And very mischievous.  I enjoyed the rare silence and lack of demands to Pick Me Up NOW so much, that she managed to sneak into the bathroom and destroy another roll of toilet paper.

I really need to teach The Tackler to always shut that door.

I did not realize my error until she came to me, hands outstretched, proudly clutching shreds of toilet paper in her hands.

At least she isn’t eating it anymore… Much.

Still, she was happy.  Finally.

Thank you antibiotics.

I told CG if he needed to work late to catch up on the mountain of things he hasn’t had time to do in order to keep me sane, tonight was The Night to do it.

Krispy Kreme 10

I only eat them when they are Hot Now.

He jumped on the chance like I do with the free sample Krispy Kreme gives you when the glazed doughnuts are HOT NOW.

Mmmmm… Hot now doughnuts…

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes.  No CG for the night.

But I had A Plan.

We would pick up some food, have a picnic at a park (courtesy of gorgeous 70 degree weather), and then run around like shoppers on Black Friday.  If the kids were still amenable, we’d hit the grocery store on the way home for some desperately needed provisions.

The car was loaded, the kids were buckled. I called in my sub order.

And realized I’d left my wallet at home.

And so I trekked back home to fetch my wallet.

This should’ve been the first sign that my brain was a bit distracted.

Luckily, that small delay worked perfectly, as my sandwiches were ready about 30 seconds after I arrived to pick them up.

The Tackler initially protested not eating them There, but when I explained we had to hurry to the park, eat them there, so we could have ice cream later….

Well, he immediately capitulated. 🙂

Our picnic went off without a hitch, with Lil Diva eating bits of our sandwiches while The Tackler inhaled his with zero prodding from me.

I think the lure of the playground before him had a lot to do with it.

And the excitement on their faces when they were turned loose… well, it was priceless.

The Tackler has been so under the weather lately, he really hasn’t been able to be his normal psychotically active self.  Attempts to do so have resulted in a hacking fit, often resulting in bits of food being regurgitated.

The change in his energy level was astronomical.  Inspired by a Chuggington episode, he reenacted Puffer Pete’s (the 150 year old steam engine) excitement when he received a new firebox and drove around in insanely fast circles on the track.

The Tackler did lap after lap after lap of: up the steps, over the bridge, turn the corner, and down the ramp while running at top speed.

And to my amazement, he never once bumped into his sister, even while doing his insane mad dash past her.  Which is nothing short of a miracle.

Lil Diva didn’t let out a single whine was she explored the grounds, sampled a few rocks and acorns, and pranced over the arched bridges on the playground equipment.

And when she spotted the baby swings, the excitement was so thick you could see it.  While she doesn’t talk yet, you would’ve had to be blind to miss the body language that said “I want to swing Right Now! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease PLEASE Mommy!”

The hour we spent at the park is the first time I’ve enjoyed spending more than five minutes with both of my children in a long time.  Because typically, after five minutes, something usually implodes and ruins the happy moment – like The Tackler living up to his nickname and tackling his sister.

But at the park, no WWF moves were pulled out. Instead, we ran, we played, we laughed.

With weeks of rotating colds, followed by ear infections and screaming in the middle of the night, I’d forgotten how truly wonderful moments like these can be.

It’s nice to remember why I wanted to become a mother.

Even if the promise of ice cream had something to do with it.***

And the grocery store trip that followed – thanks to the Mother High I was riding and the fact we REALLY needed groceries – well… it started out fine, but ended with a 3.5 year old still pretending to be a steam engine while racing down the aisles.

They need bigger grocery carts.

Somewhere in the chaos, I accidentally left/dropped my cell phone at the store. Which I didn’t suspect until I arrived at home.

I borrowed CG’s phone, praying that it had just fallen into a grocery bag.

Instead, someone said, “Hello?” on the other end.

“I believe you have my cell phone.”

“We have it at customer service desk.”

Thank god! “I’ll be right there to pick it up.”

Evidently the Phone Gods were humoring me. Because if I had gotten a new phone like was on the To Do List, I wonder if someone would’ve taken off with it. My ancient 2.5 year old non-smart phone also happened to be locked. Which it NEVER is. Unless given to a child to play with. As I had done with Lil Diva when she got cranky when the meat counter took forever.

And so, I picked up my schizophrenic phone, which had once again turned itself OFF when closed.

I really do need a new phone.

I drove the three blocks to Krispy Kreme, went inside, and grabbed my free HOT NOW “sample” doughnut before racing back home.

Because by this point, I really needed it.

One of Those Days.

Where you’re reminded why you so badly wanted to be a parent. Why you do in fact love the children that have driven you up the wall, out the window, and into the next county for the last week.

And you hope that tomorrow is even better.

*** The ice cream wasn’t really ice cream, so much as No Sugar Added Chocolate Yogurt. With chocolate sprinkles. And it still made The Tackler deliriously happy because he got to add his own sprinkles.

About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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3 Responses to Those Days – A reminder of why you wanted to reproduce.

  1. mc6pack says:

    We had an hour at the park today with the whole crew. It was terrific. Getting away from the house and all that needs to be done really makes time with the posse better. Glad you had one of those days.


    • Kelly K says:

      You’re up uncharacteristically late… Now that it isn’t 107 in the shade, I hope to have a lot more of them. My children both love outside so the key is working it into the schedule when it isn’t Due for Meltdown or Nap Time. Which is trickier than you think when both have ear infections. Glad you got away too. Thanks for reading.

  2. marinasleeps says:

    I love days like that took. The mood seems to last all day. It’s a wonderful that Life is Grand. These moments are short. Cause then its” Waaahhh She hit me! “No I didn’t! You bit me!” “I wanna play with the toy!” “But I had it first!”
    Sigh …. yes life is grand!

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