Amusement Park Hangover

When I first woke up today, my body carried the weight of the world on it and my arms and legs were lead.

When I first woke up today, my head had an anvil strapped to it and refused to lift off the pillow.

When I first woke up today, my eyes struggled to open as the glue that forms during the night held fast.

When I first woke up today, my entire body ached down to the tips of my toes.

When I first woke up today, I suffered from Amusement Park Hangover.

Luckily, it was a mild case.  Thanks to the park being closed for a private event to friends and family of CG’s company, the lines were short, so I didn’t have I Stood In Line ALL DAMN Day Syndrome on top of APH.

I also applied sunscreen with near religious devotion (to The Tackler as well) and avoided the Sunburn To Trump All Sunburns that often can occur when visiting amusement/water parks for an entire eight hour day… in Texas.

So really, I got off with just a light case of APH, caused mostly by my body wishing for about 10 hours of sleep to recover (since the previous night was WAY too short as mentioned in my previous post), but getting more like 7 (thanks to Lil Diva fighting bedtime for the fourth night in a row).

And it was so worth it.

I could write a novel about the day, but I’ll stick to the highlights.

For The Tackler:

  • The Train That Goes Around the Park: The first ride spotted, ridden at least twice around park.
  • The Big Red Airplanes: Lost count of times ridden as he discovered them while he was with the D Clan. Over seven times at least. You push and held in the button to go up, and when released you flew down – all while flying in a circle.  Probably his Favorite of the Day.
  • The mini Tea Cups: The second ride discovered. Ridden three times in a row until we dragged him away while explaining there really were MORE rides to do.
  • The Big Red Apples (which had strawberry tops for some reason).  The most nauseating ride in my opinion.  Like a horizontal spinning ferris wheel where you’re enclosed in the mini strapples (they weren’t apples, dammit).  If you dared look outside you were dizzy. I am motion sick just watching the video… Chase, naturally, LOVED it. Ridden at least three times.
  • The Splash Area – In the middle of any ride with Big Red in front of it, this was your typical splash area with fountains shooting up from the air and ground (perfect for stomping on). We did this around 3:30 during the heat of the day when The Tackler’s feet got heavier and heavier.  At first he was leery, as he got to wear clothes INTO the water (I’d packed extra for possible water rides and/or Poopapalooza), but once he learned it was not only okay but encouraged he ran around like he’d subsisted on a diet of ice cream and Kool-Aid all day.  He also kept treating the fountain spouts like drinking fountains, much to our dismay.
  • The Big Red Cars – Set up more like a train of cars, The Tackler loved this. Then he got mad and wanted to “drive the cars” which to him meant driving the first car.  This meant waiting in line until he was first so he could claim the coveted spot.
  • The Bus – Ridden three times in a row, it featured a school bus that moved around like the hands of a clock.
  • The Splash Zone of the Big Water Ride – This is the bridge that overlooks the giant boat that comes down and sends up a tidal wave. Initially scared of this, The Tackler liked it more and more. Ironically, the greatest hit is him WATCHING the video of when the tidal wave crashed into him on the bridge. He cackles maniacally every time he views this.

For CG and I (a short list as we had one hour to hit the non-Tackler rides while he hung out with The D Clan and their daughter O (then we traded and took O for an hour so they got a chance).

  • The Superman Roller Coaster – We waited and rode this in the front the first time, then again immediately following.  My favorite roller coaster, ever. Because even though you go upside down and twist until your brains are pushed into the back of your skull thanks to the G-forces, it is surprisingly smooth and doesn’t jerk you around until your teeth fall out like so many do.
  • The Bumper Cars – We scared a friend/neighbor with the insane glee displayed on our faces as we found our target (each other).

Mostly we just enjoyed a beautiful day surrounded by co-workers and friends. And we got to see faces on The Tackler like this:

When I first woke up today, I had Amusement Park Hangover.

Then I finally moved. I ate breakfast. I opened the door to the most gorgeous morning we’ve had since spring (first day of fall in the air).

And suddenly, like a cloud, the APH vanished and I was ready to enjoy A Perfect Day.

And now I’m passing out..  thanks to the APH residuals, park time with the kiddos this afternoon, and an attempt to do a family photo shoot with two children who refused to hold still and stay in front of the camera. Will post and then fix errors later. Night all.


About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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