Top Ten Reasons I Should Go To Bed… Now.

New Sink and Faucet

Where is the (%@*&ing hot water? Oh.

10.  I tried to get hot water out of the kitchen faucet.  A simple task, no? Two minutes passed.  My water remained cold (well tepid as it is never cold during summer here).  I wondered why the frack my water wasn’t hot.  Was the light out on my water heater? Then it hit me.  Left side = hot.  I’d turned on the right side.

9.  My children are asleep. There is no guarantee (ever) that they will stay that way.


The Green Death in cute liquid gels.

8. I still have The Cough (where I sound like my pancreas is about to be hacked up) which is likely to deprive me of sleep tonight. Which reminds me…

7. I just took some NyQuil.

6. I nearly put dish soap in the dish washer.  That would have made for a lovely mess in the morning..

At least I didn't try to put the milk in here...

5. I tried to put my box of cereal in the fridge.  Luckily there wasn’t any room.

4. I’m likely to wake up at 5 AM and not be able to get back to sleep because..

3. The NyQuil will be fading and The Cough will be back.

All I want to do is this...

2. I’m fighting off whatever caused The Cough and all I’ve wanted to do this week is nap. I even struggled doing my favorite group fitness classes because my energy level was so low. I could really use two nights in a row of 8 hours of sleep (’tis a miracle only likely to happen when my mother visits).

1. Kyra’s 1st birthday party is tomorrow. Anyone who has planned a party with young children, knows the mile long To Do List involved… And I’m a Classic Procrastinator…

Night all.

About Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

Kelly K has learned the five steps to surviving of motherhood: 1) Don't get mad. Grab your camera. 2) Take a photograph. 3) Blog about it. 4) Laugh. 5) Repeat. She shares these tales at Dances with Chaos in order to preserve what tiny amount of sanity remains. You can also find her on her sister blog, Writing with Chaos ( sharing memoir and engaging in her true love: fiction writing. It's cheaper than therapy.
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8 Responses to Top Ten Reasons I Should Go To Bed… Now.

  1. Jess says:

    I completely understand! I fight going to sleep because I desperately want some ‘me-time’!!

    Hope the party went well!


  2. You can get 8 hours of sleep when you’re mom visits? That’s a-l-m-o-s-t worth letting my mom come over.


    Hope you’re feeling better this morning. Hosting Birthday parties while sick sucks.

    Good Luck!

    • Kelly K says:

      I “can” get 8 hours of sleep. I didn’t that night (more like 6) and then I blogged about how exhausted I was on Sunday… I am tired of feeling so run down. My house is in disarray, I haven’t done laundry, and I’ve been too tired to even write. It’s driving me crazy.

      Ironically, I felt fine during the party. Adrenaline perhaps?

      My mom is here for two weeks as she lives 950 miles (1500 km) away and it costs so much to travel here. We butt heads occasionally, but my kids love her and she was a lifesaver when both were newborns. We get along much better at my house than at hers as we are both very “dominant” females and she has bad habit of occasionally regressing to treating me like I still live under her roof when we visit her (as it is the house I grew up in). I do wish we lived closer for more frequent yet shorter visits..

  3. mc6pack says:

    Great picture of the small girl folding self into toy oven. Funny stuff. Hope the birthday went well.

    • Kelly K says:

      Chase – Kyra has a remarkable ability to fit into places I would not think possible. It does provide much amusement.

      Birthday party did go well, but I’m still recovering. I think I felt better the day after my 21st birthday than after her first… Damn The Cough.

      As always, thanks for reading…

  4. alliwaw says:

    #5 I identify with that one – well with a lot of them, but that one I’ve actually done. Yes it’s a sure sign.

    Good luck with the party – they DO take a lot of planning, but once it’s going it’s worth it. But sometimes while planning and even during and then for sure after, I wondered about the party. I mean at one Niko didn’t get what it was all about. But I guess there’s always the pics where he can grow his memories from later in life, once he figures out what pictures are and then figures out the blog too…truth be told, I’m kind of scared of that day…what will he think. His life so meticulously documented?

    • Kelly K says:

      Even more frequently than #5 I tend to do the unlisted #11, which is put the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. Luckily it doesn’t fit there. I just didn’t attempt it that night. 🙂

      I love going back and looking at photos when I was little, and I’m sure Niko will too. It’s better to have too much documentation than not enough, as you can never go back and recapture that event.

      The party was a lot of work, but it was great to see friends and both kids had a blast, as we moved the party to a park close by. I think between my friend Bobbi and my camera (which a friend borrowed to use) we have about 1000 photographs and my mom video’d most of it on her iPhone…

      It’s quite the change from Chase’s 1st birthday as we didn’t have a fast shot SLR camera like we do now, and my friend Bobbi (The Unofficial Photographer) was in Oz at the time. Ironically, both parties were in the same location.

      I just need to get over feeling zapped of energy. It’s driving me slightly crazy…

      Thanks for checking out my blog! I think Kyra would love to dance with Niko. 🙂

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